Adding some green to the under half of my bangs and the sides, and the rest blue black. I went into Sally’s today and the girl there said immediately upon my entering, “Hey, last time I saw you was…two weeks ago.” Me: “….If that is true, then I have a problem. lol.” 

Then some lady there asked me for advice to get red hair, and I have too much experience with red hair. 

So I came home and put on my KMFDM station on Pandora, and started bleaching. Used this blew B2W Bleach powder that I don’t think I’ve used before, and goddamn does it lighten hella fast. 

Going to wait for this to process for half an hour more. Because I had red hair under my brown hair, I am hoping that it’ll lift some of the red enough for the green to show. Wish I had some yellow semi to add to my green, but meh. Maybe a little conditioner will lighten it a tad. Iguana Green from SPFX. :D 

I can’t wait to attend hair school. I have my hopes on Toni & Guy in Phoenix. I will be a color specialist.  Cutting hair..meh..I’d like to learn more. Mhm.

Anyways, yeah. That’s my night! :D Talk to mee. 


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